“The divine in me, bows to the divine in you.”

That is the definition of “Namaste,” a popularized-by-yoga-fiends phrase.  The phrase actually got it’s start in the cultures of Eastern countries who use it regularly the same way that we Westerners would use “Hey, what’s up?” Something about “Namaste” is so much more, well, divine, than that!

First thing when I woke up this morning, I popped in my Rainbeau Mars Yoga for Beauty, Dawn Edition. (Find it here: It’s one of my favorite at-home yoga videos. In it, Mars emphasizes the importance of letting go of the walls that we have built up over time; all of the stress, the pain, the heartaches of life, that have caused us to build up a multitude of negative energies in our bodies, have a multitude of negative side effects like upset stomach, acne, digestive issues, that feeling of being worn out, etc.

Now I’m not saying that yoga is the be-all, end-all cure for these common ailments, but it certainly leaves you feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to take on the day! (Or take on the night if you do tranquility/dusk/nighttime yoga) And, personally, when I do yoga, my whole body feels more centered, more balanced. I don’t know if it’s the Yogi mindset that influences me and makes me feel like theres a mini Buddha sitting on my shoulder the rest of the day, but I swear I make better choices in attitude, meals, activities, and so on, the rest of my day.

So, in short, you should check out some yoga videos! Even if it’s just a quick ten minutes, your body just might thank you…

Check these out to get you started!
(**This one is apparently used by Jennifer Aniston!)

Namaste my Blogger peeps.


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