Gone Climbing!

FitSugar announced about a month ago that they were looking for the best Outdoor Fitness Photos through InstaGram and, being that my personal favorite outdoor workout is Rock Climbing, I decided to enter a photo. I was shocked and excited to see that my picture was chosen for not only the slideshow, but also for the cover photo collage!! How Exciting!! Check it out here: FitSugar’s Outdoor Workout Pictures-A Breath of Fresh Air.

I thought I’d share a bit of my love of Climbing and few more cool pics taken at various Rock Climbing spots throughout the SouthEast, with you today.

Let the Sun Shine...


There’s a lot to be said about the appeal of climbing. Mostly though, it’s something that can only be experienced. Once you get started (usually on lighter climbs such as V0-V1 in bouldering and 5.6-5.7 in routes) it’s as if an agent is triggered in your brain and the addiction begins. You want so badly to challenge your body, make it to the next higher level of rock, and become stronger and more capable of enduring. It’s a very selfish, and very mental sport. You almost become one with the rock, as if you’re performing a yoga move and perfecting your stance. But who will conquer who? Finding out the answer is half the fun!

If you’re interested in getting your climb on, I encourage you to look into Indoor Climbing gyms. They’re located in most major cities these days, and give you a good idea of what level you’re at climbing wise, therefore allowing you to plan a stellar trip to some real rock in the future! Atlanta, GA, for instance, is hyped up for having a large facility that’s well equipped and well maintained: www.ssclimbing.com.

Indoor Climbing Gym

If you’re looking to just get outside and hit some rock right away (that’s how I learned, on the Boulder fields of TN!) check out your local Outfitter’s Shop, REI, or Dick’s Sporting Goods. They’ll have books and typically the employees will be knowledgable of the best climbing spots for you. If you happen to be in the SouthEast, check out the SouthEast Climber’s Coalition: www.seclimbers.org, or the American Alpine Clubwww.americanalpineclub.org. Both of which have plenty of information on the climbing areas and also support the maintaining of the beauty of nature.


So get out there and hit some rock! (And let me know where you go if you do, I love swapping climbing stories!)


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