Holy Avocado, Batman!

I recently posted about the woes of a bicycle commuter and how nourishment is most certainly key to the whole experience. I laid out a basic day of meals that I consider to be the perfect nutrition for my person. However, I did not put NEAR enough emphasis on my absolute adoration for the Avocado. And thus, this post was born. Or rather, is being born as it flows from my finger tips to the screen and eventually to you…


The avocado-known to lower bad cholesterol while packing potassium, B vitamins and fiber, and no sodium or cholesterol-is delicious and the perfect addition to a great many number of meals. (Think smoothies, wraps, eggs, sandwiches, rice bowls, burgers, pastas, pizzas, quesadillas, etc.) Just type in “Avocado” to Pinterest and you’ll find a million and 1 variations on meals involving the green beauty.

Avocado Pie

Even an Avocado Pie!! Imagine that. (pictured above)

Avocados-AKA Alligator Pears-were once considered a luxury food, reserved only for royalty and those wealthy enough to buy them. Nowadays, anyone can enjoy in their nutritious value. They are actually a fruit, disguised by their green skin, and are a typical dessert in most South American and Island cultures.

The typical avocado we see and buy at the grocery store is the Hass Avocado. However, Hass, being the most popular variety state-side, is not the only one.

<- this Poster depicts the varieties easily found in Hawaii alone.

Here are just a few of the marvelous recipes I’ve tried and love, that feature this marvelous little fruit…

An absolute classic-everyone’s favorite (and most people don’t even know they’re eating an Avocado! ha!) The Barefoot Contessa’s Guac:


Yummmmm…Baked Avocado Salsa:


Sounds strange, but it’s pleasantly delightful! Basil, Peach and Avocado Wrap:

summer wrap

Mmm-Mmm scones…Avocado Scones:




5 thoughts on “Holy Avocado, Batman!

  1. Wow! I had no idea there were different kinds of avocado’s! Also, I saw a recipe for Avocado frosting on fudge brownies and was considering baking them or trying to!

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