Helmet Head. ‘Nuff Said.


As you all know, I am indeed an avid Biker Chick, of the manual bicycle sort. Ya know, where you’re pumping and huffing and sweating up hills, wishing that you had a lasso to grab ahold of that show-off car that just whizzed on by you.

So, you’re huffing, and puffing, and blowing that hill down, and you triumphantly reach the top and maybe go downhill a smidge of the way leading to the next incline that eventually leads you to your ultimate destination. Now you’re there and it’s time to drink some H2O, pop some food in your mouth, and check the bathroom mirror to make sure you’re at least presentable for work/class/social gathering/etc.

My issues truly start here.

I have long hair, and a lot of it! And it’s wavy to boot, which I like to embrace and style naturally going for that oh-so-coveted Jennifer Aniston beachy-waves look. This look, however, is not enhanced by a bike helmet. In light of this issue, I took it upon myself to Google search and test and ponder and type out this post in order to shed a bit of light on just how one can hush the helmet-head.

There’s the typical, go-to headband, hat, pony-tail, bun…but these become so boring and un-fun, so quickly. That is, until you’ve created your own, cut from unused jersey fabric headband! And wrapped it round your noggin in a cute, funky way!

Or you can follow this link, http://www.refinery29.com/helmet-hairstyles, and learn 5 cute and seemingly doable helmet hair buster do’s. I love how cute and stylish they all are, and the fact that they look as though they will hide the sweat and crazies caused by the helmet, makes them all that much cuter!
**WARNING** before following this link, make sure you’re knowledgable in how to style your own hair into a braid, twist, and/or bun. Otherwise, you could be disappointed.

A great tip I gathered from the same site as above, is the use of dry shampoo to vamp and revamp the roots. As well as a beachy-waves spray (this link leads to a homemade version of just such a spray-cheaper and healthier for your hair!) that you can spritz onto hair after arriving at your destination.

I hope these tips help out anyone else who happens to be a bike rider with lack-lustre hair! Anyone have some tips I can add to the list?! I’d gladly give them a try!



3 thoughts on “Helmet Head. ‘Nuff Said.

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