Yes indeed, it is that time of year again! When the weather gets all snuggly… there’s a smell in the air that just can’t be beat… the days seem shorter… the colors more vibrant… and every shelf of every store displays those lush oranges, deep reds, and bold yellows to entice you to buy their warm and cozy looking decorations. (Not to mention, everything, I mean everything, is laced with pumpkin, nutmeg, apple and/or cinnamon. I know those are the only recipes my taste buds are calling!)

It’s also my favorite time of year to hike! One of my most favorite past times. Venturing off into the great trails of whatever city I happen to be in. Pretending like I’m no longer a part of my current world, but rather a part of a past world, one without booming vehicles and smartphone this/smartphone thats. A world where my peace and tranquillity can only be broken by seeing a fellow hiker approach (or run at me if said hiker happens to be a fun loving furry pooch!) to whom I smile and nod and say “Hello! marvelous day isn’t it?!” And they can only reply with “Yes!! It is!”
And why does fall make this hike so marvelous? Well, the crisp weather, the cool breezes, the warmth of the sun…it all adds up and leaves my body feeling invigorated and graciously happy.

That’s my kind of hike.

And that’s also why I’ve decided to sit down today and throw out a list of awesome hikes for my fellow readers to look into! I found two amazing sites:

Outside Magazine’s America’s Best Trails & Tecca.com’s Top Websites to Make Your Hike Great.

Outside Mag is, of course, our link to the great outdoors a la actif. If you’re a nature loving, outdoorsy, campy, hiking, climbing, trail type of person, their website and magazine are right up your alley. This particular link shows off the best trails for, well, just about any occasion! For example, they have chosen winners in many a category, including “Best Trail for Getting High,” or “Best Trail for Donating Blood,” or “Best Trail Named after Booze.” As well as a few more typically thought of trail categories like “Best Pacific Coast Trail,” or “Best Prehistoric Trail.”

Tecca.com’s article is equally handy, linking you to some awesome sites to help you plan your next hiking adventure or escapade into the great outdoors. They site reviews perfect for backpackers, family outings, pet owners, etc. and all in one convenient article.

So what’s your excuse!? You have all the resources right at your finger tips, and all the adventure lies in you. 🙂

OH and when you get home…

Apple Cider Cookies

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Apple Pie Sandwiches

Enjoy! :):)



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