A Few Random Thoughts.


As the day goes on, I find myself scouring the internet, and more often than not it’s entirely unintentional. It’s more of a checking the e-mail, which leads to a cool link, which triggers another cool link, and so on and so forth until I have ten tabs open and my LapTop is drained and ready for more battery.

I thought that, for today at least, I would share with you some of my finds from today! Hopefully they will enlighten you or tickle your fancy the way they did for me! (I also highly recommend watching the 2013 Movie Trailers! I’m so excited for some good ole Box Office Entertainment.)

20 Movies for the new you of the new year.

Have you ever been misquoted?

Vivienne Westwood and the Climate Revolution.

5 Questions with Alexis Wineman, Miss America’s First Autistic Contestant.

Start the day out right! De-Bloat During Breakfast.

Awesome, blood-sugar quenching recipes.

Desserts with No-Baking Required!




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