Have you ever done Yoga with your pet?

Meet my new puppy! Clancy James. AKA Ball of Absolutely Undeniable Fuzzy Cuteness and Love. You can imagine how much he gets spoiled!!

314281_10151208339140636_1013925383_n   clancy james

One of the most humorous and fun experiences we’ve had together is when I attempt to do yoga. I lay my mat out, I take a few deep breaths, and go into the sequences…Clancy however, thinks that Downward Dog is an open invitation to play tug-a-war with my dangling ponytail, or to jump energetically at my leg when I raise it in the air! As for Bridge pose, well forget that! He runs under my back and instant paranoia sets in: “What if I fall on him!? Oh God!!”

Needless to say, I had to alter my practice quite a bit with him scurrying about! Not to mention the fact that he took the opportunity of being fancy free and able to mischievously dig into the laundry basket, catch-all basket, and  a school book of mine that I had foolishly left within paw’s reach.

While Clancy is still far too young to truly respect the art of yoga, I feel that as he matures and becomes a bit more…how should I put it, obedient? Yeah. Obedient, I think he’ll be a great Yoga partner! Inspiring a deeper Downward dog if nothing else! Check out these silly, yet inspiring-me-to-want-to-train-my-pup-in-yoga pics I found online!

photo 1

What do you think?? Would you ever take up Yoga with your Fido?!

photo 2

And if you’re feeling lack-luster, just think, “If a bear can do this, so can I!!”

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2 thoughts on “Have you ever done Yoga with your pet?

  1. What a cute puppy! My dog is nearly 2 years old and even though he is very obedient most of the time, he thinks yoga and workouts are play time! I was trying to do some stretching the other day and he kept coming round for cuddles and even decided to sleep at my feet! There is a reason why they are so cute 😉

  2. You can entirely relate then!! At first thought, it seems frustrating, but then as I realized how funny it was, I just laughed and tried to do my sequence the best I could. I love that he fell asleep at your feet though!! What is his name??

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