Have you ever done Yoga with your pet?

Meet my new puppy! Clancy James. AKA Ball of Absolutely Undeniable Fuzzy Cuteness and Love. You can imagine how much he gets spoiled!!

314281_10151208339140636_1013925383_n   clancy james

One of the most humorous and fun experiences we’ve had together is when I attempt to do yoga. I lay my mat out, I take a few deep breaths, and go into the sequences…Clancy however, thinks that Downward Dog is an open invitation to play tug-a-war with my dangling ponytail, or to jump energetically at my leg when I raise it in the air! As for Bridge pose, well forget that! He runs under my back and instant paranoia sets in: “What if I fall on him!? Oh God!!”

Needless to say, I had to alter my practice quite a bit with him scurrying about! Not to mention the fact that he took the opportunity of being fancy free and able to mischievously dig into the laundry basket, catch-all basket, and  a school book of mine that I had foolishly left within paw’s reach.

While Clancy is still far too young to truly respect the art of yoga, I feel that as he matures and becomes a bit more…how should I put it, obedient? Yeah. Obedient, I think he’ll be a great Yoga partner! Inspiring a deeper Downward dog if nothing else! Check out these silly, yet inspiring-me-to-want-to-train-my-pup-in-yoga pics I found online!

photo 1

What do you think?? Would you ever take up Yoga with your Fido?!

photo 2

And if you’re feeling lack-luster, just think, “If a bear can do this, so can I!!”

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Are you excited about the opening of www.FitFrosting.com?!


If you have no idea what I am talking about, go check it out! As previous posts might suggest, I’m a fan of yoga and pilates and jogging…not that I’m a fitness guru or a gym rat, I just like to keep moving! And this site, described as “a members-only sale site for active women with discerning style in the studio, gym, and life.”

Sort of like www.TheClymb.com or www.LestLaneSports.com.

71110v2-max-250x250      frontslider-leftlane

You haven’t heard of those either!? Go check them out, and save some dollar signs on some quality gear!

A bonus, if you hurry and go like FitFrosting’s FaceBook page, you can enter for a chance to win a different great prize every day between now and their official site-launch (on January 15th!)! That’s 7 more days of opportunities to win. Get on that!

Have any other sweet discount sites you use often? Let me know! I’m always on the hunt for a deal. And as always, have a wondrous day. 🙂



Yes indeed, it is that time of year again! When the weather gets all snuggly… there’s a smell in the air that just can’t be beat… the days seem shorter… the colors more vibrant… and every shelf of every store displays those lush oranges, deep reds, and bold yellows to entice you to buy their warm and cozy looking decorations. (Not to mention, everything, I mean everything, is laced with pumpkin, nutmeg, apple and/or cinnamon. I know those are the only recipes my taste buds are calling!)

It’s also my favorite time of year to hike! One of my most favorite past times. Venturing off into the great trails of whatever city I happen to be in. Pretending like I’m no longer a part of my current world, but rather a part of a past world, one without booming vehicles and smartphone this/smartphone thats. A world where my peace and tranquillity can only be broken by seeing a fellow hiker approach (or run at me if said hiker happens to be a fun loving furry pooch!) to whom I smile and nod and say “Hello! marvelous day isn’t it?!” And they can only reply with “Yes!! It is!”
And why does fall make this hike so marvelous? Well, the crisp weather, the cool breezes, the warmth of the sun…it all adds up and leaves my body feeling invigorated and graciously happy.

That’s my kind of hike.

And that’s also why I’ve decided to sit down today and throw out a list of awesome hikes for my fellow readers to look into! I found two amazing sites:

Outside Magazine’s America’s Best Trails & Tecca.com’s Top Websites to Make Your Hike Great.

Outside Mag is, of course, our link to the great outdoors a la actif. If you’re a nature loving, outdoorsy, campy, hiking, climbing, trail type of person, their website and magazine are right up your alley. This particular link shows off the best trails for, well, just about any occasion! For example, they have chosen winners in many a category, including “Best Trail for Getting High,” or “Best Trail for Donating Blood,” or “Best Trail Named after Booze.” As well as a few more typically thought of trail categories like “Best Pacific Coast Trail,” or “Best Prehistoric Trail.”

Tecca.com’s article is equally handy, linking you to some awesome sites to help you plan your next hiking adventure or escapade into the great outdoors. They site reviews perfect for backpackers, family outings, pet owners, etc. and all in one convenient article.

So what’s your excuse!? You have all the resources right at your finger tips, and all the adventure lies in you. 🙂

OH and when you get home…

Apple Cider Cookies

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Apple Pie Sandwiches

Enjoy! :):)


How do you Fuel Your Day?! The Car-less Commuter’s Dilemma.

Alarm Clock             This bike- the Switch Bike-can be folded for convenience!

When the average automobile-owning person plans out his or her day, they may commit say 10 or 15 minutes to commute to work, school, or whatever else they have going on, and 10 or 15 minutes to commute back home in the evening. That “10 or 15 minutes” allows time for waking up at a reasonable time, making a nice breakfast with some coffee or tea, making a lunch and snack for the day, and any personal grooming efforts they deem necessary.

Now, imagine adding on anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to that average automobile commute time. This new time frame, about 25 to 45 minutes, is the average biker’s commute. Suddenly, one must wake up a bit earlier, sacrifice that tasty nutritious meal for a quick bar, and forget the grooming efforts, for as soon as they step out the door and on to their bike for their morning commute, they are exposed to whatever elements the weather decides to throw their way; personal grooming will have to take place at the final destination, i.e. tack on about 10 or 15 more minutes to that originally altered time frame.

Now to get down to the question of nourishment; how much can one consume before this bike ride in order to a) have enough fuel to get to the final destination and b) to not curl over in stomach cramps or worse, toss your cookies? This is a question that each commuter must ask themselves and figure out on their own, because, let’s face it, each person’s body will react differently to different foods!

Berries and Yogurt  Banana Love

I personally have found that those terrible cramps and tossing of the cookies, are not all that fun especially when you have a long day of work or classes ahead of you. I discovered, however, that at about 150 to no more than 200 calories in the morning, I am capable of riding in comfort. I found that a Banana and a 100 calorie breakfast bar, or an Apple/Mixed Fruit with some non-fat Greek Yogurt, is the best option for me.

LUNA Fiber Bars

But then, I get hungry about two hours later. That’s where those snacks come in great handy. I enjoy noshing on Dry Roasted, Unsalted Almonds, Unsalted Pistachios, Luna Fiber Bars in Vanilla Blueberry, or-if I didn’t already have it before my ride-a Banana/Apple/Greek Yogurt. All of these make for great, nutritious snacks to tide me over until the lunch bell rings.

A few other great snacks that I was able to find online come from Shine.Yahoo.Com: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/9-power-snacks-bridge-lunch-dinner-gap-183500736.html, and include foods such as Cottage Cheese, Hard Boiled Eggs, Turkey Slices (for the non-vegetarian) and Tuna (again, for the non-vegetarian).

Almond ButterEdamame

When it comes to lunch, I take great efforts to keep it minimal and yet filling, savory and yet low in fats, tasty and still nutritious. A few of my all-time favorites include a rice bowl consisting of 365’s Frozen Jasmine White Rice, Edamame, half an Avocado and Sliced Almonds, topped with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil; or if I’m feeling like a wrap, La Tortilla Factory’s Whole Wheat tortillas are my favorite, loaded with half an Avocado, a bit of Cheese or Nutritional Yeast, Baby Spinach or Mixed Greens, Sprouts, and some of LightLife’s Smart Veggie Crumbles toasted up with Cherry Tomatoes or Mushrooms and some light seasoning; another great way to enjoy a wrap is to load it with some Almond Butter (smooth or crunchy-I’m addicted to both!) Honey or Jam/Preserves (whichever you prefer) and a light toss of Granola or Grape Nuts adds the perfect crunch.

Snap Peas    Food Should Taste Good

Snack time! Everybody hits that late afternoon slump. And the best way to deal with it is to stand up, stretch your limbs high in the air, then low to the ground, take a short stroll and whip up a little snack. This is where fruits and veggies take delight in my mind. An apple, a banana, some carrots and celery, or fresh snap peas (my all time favorite!) always seem to do the trick! Sometimes, I’ll add some Almond Butter or Cheese to dip them in if I need something a bit more filling to fuel my ride home and get me through to the end of my day. Food Should Taste Good is another awesome brand that I truly admire. They have only natural, pronounceable ingredients and they live up to their name, they taste Good!

Sweet Tater Veggie Omelet

Chik'n Grillers

By the time I get back to my home, throw the door open, and feel the burst of Air Conditioning welcoming me to peace and comfort, I am typically either hot, sweaty, and in need of a nice shower, or cranky and hunger-stricken. Whichever strikes first is the one I go with! I love to steam up some veggies as my side to whatever meal I decide to create. Steamed Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Green Beans, you name it, I love it! I have an awesome little pot by The Pampered Chef that allows me to pop the veggies-frozen or fresh-into the pot along with enough water to cover them, place the lid on the pot and pop it in the microwave for maybe 3 minutes, Presto! Perfectly steamed veggies. The main course-though admittedly I use some of those lunch meals as dinner meals-is typically soy-based or bean-based proteins. I love Morning Star’s Chicken Grillers, California Burgers, and Black Bean Burgers, as well as Gardein’s Chik’n Scallopini. I also have a love for Sweet Potatoes. A great way to dress them is with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, some Feta Cheese, and a light sprinkling of Sliced Almonds. I’m also a fan of breakfast-for-dinner! I love making egg or egg white omelets with an assortment of veggies and seasonings (sometimes I’ll mix egg and tofu or just make a tofu scramble for something a bit different). I’ll normally throw some whole wheat or pumpernickel toast on the side with some spinach or mixed greens.

Dark Choc Pomegrante   Three Twins Dark Choc Orange

And, of course, there’s always dessert! I grew up with a woman (my mom!) who’s an amazingly stupendous baker. Our house was never lacking in desserts. Because of it, our family is often asked how we stay so slim; the simple answer? We’re active and eat healthy portions. While my baking skills and energy aren’t quite as good as my mom’s, I still always have a bit of ice cream or dark chocolate lying around to conquer my taste buds.

What do you enjoy eating on busy/active/hectic days? Any commuter-vegetarians out there that have some tips for me or maybe awesome recipes to devour?!

Gone Climbing!

FitSugar announced about a month ago that they were looking for the best Outdoor Fitness Photos through InstaGram and, being that my personal favorite outdoor workout is Rock Climbing, I decided to enter a photo. I was shocked and excited to see that my picture was chosen for not only the slideshow, but also for the cover photo collage!! How Exciting!! Check it out here: FitSugar’s Outdoor Workout Pictures-A Breath of Fresh Air.

I thought I’d share a bit of my love of Climbing and few more cool pics taken at various Rock Climbing spots throughout the SouthEast, with you today.

Let the Sun Shine...


There’s a lot to be said about the appeal of climbing. Mostly though, it’s something that can only be experienced. Once you get started (usually on lighter climbs such as V0-V1 in bouldering and 5.6-5.7 in routes) it’s as if an agent is triggered in your brain and the addiction begins. You want so badly to challenge your body, make it to the next higher level of rock, and become stronger and more capable of enduring. It’s a very selfish, and very mental sport. You almost become one with the rock, as if you’re performing a yoga move and perfecting your stance. But who will conquer who? Finding out the answer is half the fun!

If you’re interested in getting your climb on, I encourage you to look into Indoor Climbing gyms. They’re located in most major cities these days, and give you a good idea of what level you’re at climbing wise, therefore allowing you to plan a stellar trip to some real rock in the future! Atlanta, GA, for instance, is hyped up for having a large facility that’s well equipped and well maintained: www.ssclimbing.com.

Indoor Climbing Gym

If you’re looking to just get outside and hit some rock right away (that’s how I learned, on the Boulder fields of TN!) check out your local Outfitter’s Shop, REI, or Dick’s Sporting Goods. They’ll have books and typically the employees will be knowledgable of the best climbing spots for you. If you happen to be in the SouthEast, check out the SouthEast Climber’s Coalition: www.seclimbers.org, or the American Alpine Clubwww.americanalpineclub.org. Both of which have plenty of information on the climbing areas and also support the maintaining of the beauty of nature.


So get out there and hit some rock! (And let me know where you go if you do, I love swapping climbing stories!)