GEEK Out Saturday.

When I was a young girl, with eyes as big as the world, I viewed winter as a magical, romantic, and beautiful time. I longed for snow, and the smell of a fire burning in the fireplace, and the taste of perfectly warm and chocolatey Hot Cocoa. (Get the Perfect Hot Chocolate Recipe HERE!)


Now that I am older, I feel as though that magic has all but disappeared—a distant memory that I am not sure when I will circle back to. (Feeling Moody…)

Now that I am older, I view winter as a cold, dreary and somewhat depressing time of hibernation. And, also, a time that I can not wait to be done with! I am so very ready for Spring, Summer, Warmth, THE SUNSHINE! Ahh it will be so very lovely to walk outside and be kissed and hugged by the warm, lively sun!

But alas! We have a good month before such loveliness enters our atmosphere here in the Volunteer State. So until then my dears, here are a few links to bring you to a fanciful place in terms of snow, winter, and downright Geekdom! Enjoy!

How to make an AT-AT Imperial Walker snow sculpture.

How big is the biggest Snowman you’ve ever seen??

Five Ways Jennifer Lawrence Ruined My Life.

Having a Lego Pancake Bot would make my weekend mornings TEN TIMES BETTER.

Imagine if we were all driving this 3-wheeled, two passenger, eco-friendly beauty?

Enjoy your weekend!!